Factory Relocation Day 1

Our machinery has started to arrive at the new factory and is now being connected to the extraction system. We are in the process of relocating our timber and sheeting from the old premises. Our new benches have arrived and are being assembled. Our office relocation is proceeding well. We have our phone system operational albeit on a temporary broadband line and we have limited internet access. We are hopeful that by the end of the day on Wednesday our IT will be fully operational. Please see the latest photos in the slideshow.


Factory Relocation Days 2 & 3

The computer systems have been installed and are now operational. Materials are in the process of being relocated. Furniture for the offices and canteens have arrived and been installed. Benches for the workshop have arrived and are being positioned alongside the machinery which is now in the process of being commissioned.


Factory Relocation Day 4

The office is now operational. Extraction system to machinery is being commissioned. Benches are in position. Induction Training for all staff has commenced. 

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